Fernando Paiva

Aug 26 - Sep 1 2019



€ 270 (€ 70 application fee, € 200 course fee)


Optional supplementary package

€ 480

Full board, accommodation and transfer Vienna Hilton (or airport) to Gutenstein and back (Aug 25 - Sep 2)


Optional combination package “Musical”

Master class Vocal Percussion & Beatbox and additionally master class Musical

Additional fee: € 195

(50% of class fee, no additional application fee)


Application deadline

Aug 12 2019

About Fernando Paiva


Born in Brazil, Porto Alegre, Fernando Paiva is today one of the most influential Brazilian percussionists and drummers, a master of his field who has worked with world-famous names in the world music scene. For the past 15 years he has performed with his group around the world with great success and appreciation by press and public. In addition to his work as a performer, he is also a sought-after educator. He teaches at several music universities in Europe and South America and conducts master classes at various music schools in the United States and other countries. Inventor of the methodology of drumming, which combines the vocal work of learning drums and percussion. In this master class topics such as body percussion, rhythmic syllables, rhythmic phrases and  basic techniques, that are suitable for all percussion instruments, are addressed in a very free and relaxed environment. We also learn to play percussion instruments that students choose before the course starts. Working with the body will also be part of this workshop, exploring the body as an instrument that will later be integrated into our performances.


Fernando Paiva worked either live or in the studio with Fernando Paiva Group, Joe Zawinul Syndicate, Lionel Richie, Serab Erener, Alegre Correa, Marc Murphy, Vienna Art Orchestra, Reinhard Fendrich, Raul de Souza and others.

Drums & Percussion Master Class

In this workshop with one of the great names of drums and percussion in Brazil you will learn the main Brazilian rhythms, how to solo over those rhythms, the interactions with other instruments  such as bass, piano and guitar and the main ways to practice in a really efficient way the rhythms of Brazil. Fernando will also teach one of his specialties: Rhythmic vocal language as a major expression, translated and applied to the instrument for a better learning and discovery of your own style. It will emphasize the school of “If you can sing the rhythm you can play it”. Mr Paiva is not only a great percussionist and drummer but also a composer, arranger and band leader, which allows him to see drums and percussion from another perspective as well and pass these important points of view to his students.